About Fierce Beauty by Mimi

Mimi Tenace

Licensed Esthetician in Colorado Springs

I have always been fascinated with “lotions and potions” and my mother constantly battled the mass accumulation of product. I found a way to harness my passion as a skin therapist devoted to finding solutions to my clients skin care problems and help them achieve beautiful results. I am committed to continuing education with the intent to become the very best solution for all of my clients needs and concerns regarding their skin.

My dedication to being a sponge to all of the information available about skincare and wellbeing is shown in my integration of the newest tools, techniques, products as well as touch therapy customized for each clients individual’s needs. I have found my dream career in caring for the faces and lives of my clients and giving them a “safe” place to rejuvenate body, mind and soul.

I am fascinated with the “art” of facials and all of the sensations in smell, touch, and most importantly results. I firmly believe that skincare should be good for the skin and good for the soul.  I look forward to serving you and helping you put your best face forward, thank you for that amazing privilege. 🙂