Facials + Waxing & Hair Removal for Men in Colorado Springs

Contrary to popular beliefs, skincare isn’t just for women. Men’s skin needs just as much care and attention but often gets overlooked. You’ll want a licensed, professional esthetician in Colorado Springs for all your men’s skincare needs. We provide facials for men, waxing, and hair removal services.

A young couple of a man and a woman smiling into the camera in white robes getting facials at a day spa

Men's Invigorating Facials

Skincare for men is just as important as a women’s, with many concerns to be addressed. Plus, men have the right to relax after a long day too. The invigorating facial for men supplies both of these needs. A men’s facial softens and brightens the skin for a unique glow. Our men’s skincare facials include cleansing, exfoliation, any necessary extractions, treatment for ingrown hairs, hand or foot massage, steam during a custom mask, neck and shoulder massage, moisturizers, and sunscreen. When you leave, you will be ready to conquer the world. It’s the perfect jump start for healthier skin. With our customized maintenance plan, you can care for our skin, so it looks young and healthy. We look forward to showing you the best face care for men in Colorado Springs.

Men's Corrective Back Treatment

The best skincare for men goes beyond the face. This relaxing, corrective treatment addresses the dry, acneic, and itchy skin on your back. While lying face down on our massage table, your back is cleansed and exfoliated with any necessary extractions taking place. We treat the skin with moisturizers and sunscreens at the end of the service. If you want to go shirtless in the warm Colorado sun, this will help prepare you.

Men's Waxing & Hair Removal Services

With a multitude of waxing services for men, you can address the areas that matter to you the most. Men’s hair removal services range from the following.

  • Men's Eyebrow Waxing $17

    This men's waxing service ensures your eyebrows are the perfect shape for your face shape and eye size.

  • Men's Ear Hair Waxing $10

    With this facial wax for men, the annoying hairs in and around your ears are removed.

  • Men's Nose Hair Waxing $10

    Remove the nose hairs around the nostrils without creating ingrown hairs.

  • Men's Chest & Stomach Waxing $55+

    Body waxing for men ensures you are ready to take your shirt off.

  • Men's Stomach Waxing $30

    With body hair removal for men, you won't need to be embarrassed at the pool again.

  • Men's Arm Waxing $50+

    Ensure your arms are prepared to show off your tone muscle structure.

  • Men's Full Back Waxing $55

    Remove the stubborn back hair that plagues men.

  • Men's Half Back Waxing $30

    You can choose between waxing the top or bottom half of your back.

  • Men's Brazilian Waxing $70

    Remove all of the hair from front to back so you look great in your swimsuit.

  • Men's Buttocks (Cheeks) Waxing $35

    Focus solely on your backside to put your best side forward.

Why Proper Skin Care is Important for Men Not Just Women

Your skin is just as important as a woman’s, and it has needs too. Just like you would take care of any part of your body, regular skin treatment ensures you look your best. Use men’s skincare therapy to renew youthful-looking skin. It can also get rid of the itchy, dry spots that come from dry Colorado weather.

Why & When Men Should Consider Getting Waxing or Hair Removal Services

Whether you plan to take your shirt off or you want to fit into that smaller bathing suit, you need men’s hair removal surfaces that get rid of it all. We can work on your eyebrows, give you a Brazilian wax or take care of that overgrown forest on your back. By waxing your hair, you ensure it doesn’t grow back thick and bushy.