Waxing & Hair Removal in Colorado Springs

If you have unwanted body or facial hair, waxing can help you look and feel your best. Fierce Beauty by Mimi offers superior waxing and hair removal services in Colorado Springs by a licensed and professional esthetician. We serve the greater Colorado Springs area, offering full face waxing and body waxing services for eyebrows, cheeks, ears, nose, lips, chin, underarms, arms, legs, back, and stomach. We even offer bikini waxing and Brazilian wax for both women and men.

Full Face Waxing & Hair Removal Services

There are times when hair appears in places on the face where you don’t want it. While tweezing is okay for some strands, it’s often easier and less time-consuming to get waxing services instead. Here are a few hair removal services we offer.

  • Brow Maintenance Waxing $17

    Eyebrow waxing, threading, and tweezing allow them to take perfect shape.

  • Brow Design Waxing $20

    With the proper brow shaping, your face and eyes are perfectly framed.

  • Cheek Waxing $10

    Fine, fuzzy cheek hair can be challenging to remove, but waxing helps you get those last few strands.

  • Ear Waxing $10

    The hair around the ears can be difficult to remove, but waxing can grab the finer strands.

  • Nose Waxing $10

    If you have hairs around the entrance of your nostril or on the bridge of your nose, avoid ingrown, unsightly hairs with waxing.

  • Lip Waxing $10

    There’s no reason to have excessive hair on your lip region. With the help of waxing, it can be smooth and beautiful.

  • Chin Waxing $10

    Chin hairs are diverse, but waxing can get them all by the root.

  • Full Face Wax $35

    If you have multiple areas of the face that need attention, we can take care of all face waxing needs at once.

Full Body Waxing & Hair Removal Services

Hair doesn’t just show up on the face, but the entire body. Whether you want whole body waxing or simply searching for – back waxing near me – we can help. Here are a few body waxing services you can expect from our team.

  • Underarm Waxing $18

    Not only does underarm waxing cause your hair to come back thinner and less noticeably, but it has an exfoliating effect that creates smoother skin.

  • Arm Waxing $45+

    You could search for “arm waxing near me” or trust our licensed experts to remove the hair that’s standing between you and the look you desire.

  • Half Leg Waxing $45+

    Avoid shaving; this only causes the hair to come back darker and thicker. Choose leg waxing instead for a beautiful summer look.

  • Full Leg Waxing $80+

    Get all of the hair off of your entire leg for a smooth feel and superior look.

  • Bikini Wax $35

    With this essential tidying waxing, all the hair around your panty line is removed. You won’t need to be self-conscious when wearing your bathing suit this year.

  • Brazilian Wax $50

    Or, for the Brazilian wax price, you might opt to remove all the hair from front to back instead.

Men’s Waxing Services

Waxing isn’t just for women. Men’s waxing addresses some of the top male concerns, such as hair removal from the back and chest. Whether you are looking for stomach waxing or another service, we can help.

  • Men’s Nose Waxing $10

    Remove all of the stray hairs around the nostril or bridge of your nose.

  • Men’s Ear Waxing $10

    By pulling the ear hairs out by the root, you ensure they grow back finer and less noticeably.

  • Men’s Full Back Waxing $55

    If you are trying to get ready for summer vacation, you don’t want back hair. Remove it before you get into that bathing suit.

  • Men’s Half Back Waxing $30

    You can choose to remove the hair from the upper or lower half of your back.

  • Men’s Chest Waxing $55

    Look and feel your best when all of the unruly hair is removed from your chest and stomach, giving you a buff look.

  • Male Brazilian Wax $70

    Brazilian waxes aren’t just for women. You can also have all the hair removed from the front to back for a clean look.

Know Your Wax: The Different Types of Hair Waxes

Waxing removes unwanted hair at the root. There are two different types of waxes: hard and soft. Soft wax is applied warm to the skin in a thin layer in the direction of hair growth. Cloth strips are then applied to the warm wax, rubbed in the direction of hair growth, and quickly pulled off in the opposite direction. This method is best used on larger body areas such as the legs, back, or chest. Hard wax is used without cloth strips. It is applied warm, in a layer about the thickness of a nickel, allowed to dry, and then removed quickly in the opposite direction of hair growth. Hard wax is less irritating to sensitive skin and is excellent for the bikini, underarm, and facial areas.